Arillo - Biologico


Arillo describes with its aromas and flavors our Tonda Iblea and Nocellara Etnea olives along the banks bathed by the Dirillo river, from which our farm takes its name. The once navigable Diirillo river was commonly called Achates in Roman times due to the presence of the agate stone, but took the name of Wadi Ikrilu (Acrille river) in the Arab era. Akrille was a Greek settlement in the territory of Chiaramonte Gulfi, located a few hundred meters from the center of our corporate base. From Wadi Ikrilu, from which Cianu Ariddu derives, we created our Arillo, Cetrala and Nuciddara oil, a special tribute to our lands.

Green color, with yellow reflections. The “Arillo” oil is characterized by an intense fruit aroma with a strong smell of green tomato, oregano and artichoke. After gently spraying the palate with its gentle artichoke, it releases a delicate bitterness with moderate spiciness which gradually grows long and balanced with a September almond aftertaste.

Data Sheet

CULTIVAR: Tonda Iblea 80% – Nocellara Etnea 20%.
PRODUCTION AREA: C.da Gulfi, C.da Giglia, C.da Gerardo, C.da Canzeria, Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG); C.da Ragoleti, Licodia Eubea (CT)
ALTITUDE: 360-415 metri s.l.m.
HARVEST TIME: End September – End October.
FARM SURFACE: 16,33 ettari
TRAINNG FORM: regular vase with irrigation system with drippers
HARVEST METHOD: manual and facilitated, each cultivar was collected separately.
EXTRATION SYSTEM: Cold continuous cycle. The olives, after a few hours from the harvest, are transferred into perforated boxes and pressed within the day for the production of the olive oil.

Organoleptic Information

ACIDITY: <0,17
POLIPHENOL: < 228 ppm
APPEARANCE: oil subjected to natural decantation or filtration, after 1 or 2 decantings is stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen
ORGANOLEPTIC NOTES: The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Arillo” is characterized by an intense smell of fruit with a marked aroma of artichoke, oregano and green tomato. After having delicately tickled the palate with its gentle taste of artichoke, it releases a slightly bitter and discretely spicy taste which gradually grows long and balanced with a hint of bitter September almond.
TYPES OF CONTAINERS: Glass Bottle 500 ml, Aluminium Bottle 250 ml e 100 mll and 5 l Bag in Box.